Partner 1  FH_IAP_Logo_60mm_P334
Name   Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research
Description of the Partner Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Fraunhofer) is the leading organisation for applied research in Europe, undertaking contract research on behalf of industry, the service sector and the government. At present, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft maintains about 80 research units, including 60 research institutes, at over 40 locations in Germany. An annual turnover of about 1,4 Billion € is generated in contract research by a staff of about 18000 employees. Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) leads in the development of new polymer materials & organic electronics for 20 years, focussing on material/device development, with new materials for OLEDs, OTFT and OPV. Relevant facilities: 350 m² clean room area dedicated for research on organic electronics, including fabrication and testing, S2S pilot line with automated deposition chamber for solution processed organic layers, & vacuum system for thermal evaporation. Thin film encapsulation, characterisation labs, electrical, lifetime & barrier characterisation of OLEDs and OPVs.
Partner 2 Joanneum
Name   Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Description of the Partner JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH develops solutions and technologies for businesses and industries across a wide range of sectors and conducts top-level research at an international level. With a focus on applied research and technology development, the INNOVATION COMPANY plays a key role in transfer of technology and know-how in South-East-Austria. The project portfolio reaches from contract research with industry in the inkjet development to applied research projects in the field of organic electronics and sensors. Research focus includes the development of inkjet-based graphic and electronic applications, optoelectronic and sensor devices (OLEDs, OTFTs, OPVs, etc.) and R&D in (organic) semiconductor material properties (incl. degradation and reliability issues).
Partner 3 s-Intrinsiq
Name   Intrinsiq Materials Ltd
Description of the Partner Originally a subsidiary of QinetiQ, an aerospace and defence corporation, IML was founded in 2002. In the last few years the Company has increased its focus on materials for printed electronics. The company is continuing to develop its next generation of products based on magnetic, semiconducting, thermoelectric and phosphor nano-particles. The company has grown from 10 employees in 2008 to currently over 30, and has a research centre and manufacturing operation based in the UK. Intrinsiq is currently participating in a number of EU funded programmes including; CLIP, Power Driver, Steelcoat and PlastronicSpecs as well as previously been part of a number of EU funded nanomaterial safety consortia including Nanosafe and NanoRetox.
Partner 4 s-Acreo
Name   Acreo Swedish ICT AB
Description of the Partner Acreo Swedish ICT AB is a part of Swedish ICT Research AB, a non-profit research organisation owned by the Swedish government (60%) and industry. Acreo’s mission is to provide contract R&D and production resources for new innovative products in electronics, optics and communication technology. Our activities range from basic research through development and to the final stage of production. Acreo has a broad competence spectrum and encompasses Integrated Circuit Design, Microelectronic Process Technologies, Optical Components and Systems, Packaging Technologies, Printed Electronics, Sensor Technologies, and SME Services.
Partner 5 PRA_master_logo_281-white-letters cropped
Name   PRA
Description of the Partner PRA is a EU centre of excellence for the coatings and printing industry, with particular expertise in exterior wood, metal finishes, plastics, radiation curing technologies, ink formulation and life cycle analysis. PRA is a membership based research company with approximately 50 industrial members. PRA has operated for over 70 years as a non-patent holding business, its constitution dictates that it generates and transfers technology for the benefit of the manufacturing sector. PRA provides industry support services with the objective to provide step changes for products and processes. Work conducted at PRA is a direct result of market pull from individual industrial companies, or on behalf of regional agencies, national government, national agencies and European agencies.
Partner 6 s-C-Tech
Name   C-Tech Innovation Limited
Description of the Partner C-Tech Innovation is an independent research & technology development and consulting SME with over 40 years’ experience in providing innovation services to industry, universities and governmental bodies. Its services include: innovation management; research and technology development; process, product and service improvement, and intellectual property exploitation. With in-house laboratories and workshops, the company has an ability to apply chemistry, physics and biological science in innovative applications. CTECH has a proven track record in providing industrial services and software; manufacturing and licensing the products and processes worldwide, including establishing joint venture companies. Over 1500 patents have been taken out since 1966, covering a very broad spectrum of technologies. CTECH is particularly skilled in realising technological systems by developing novel ideas into real applications.
Partner 7 3DMM_logo_new
Name   3D-Micromac AG
Description of the Partner 3D-Micromac AG is a company founded in 2002 in form of a management buyout, having experience in the field of laser machining. 3D-Micormac AG develops and manufactures state-of-the-art laser micromachining workstations for industry, research, and science. These systems are used e.g. in facilities for production of photovoltaic systems, processing of semiconductors and medical applications. Processes used with laser micromachining are micro drilling, signing, cutting, 2D and 3D structuring, and marking of various materials and thin films. 3D-Micromacs portfolio is divided into the four divisions High End Laser Systems, High End Laser Applications, High End Laser Tool and High End Laser Services. In the past years 3D-Micromac has broadened its expertise towards R2R processes on flexible substrates including not only laser patterning processes but also several material deposition and thermal treatment technologies and processes. Thus, the company is capable of solving all tasks related to laser micromachining: as a developer and manufacturer of complex workstations. The company has 130 employees, whereas 13 of them are working in the R&D department. Last year’s turnover was approx. 17 Mio €.
Partner 8 TEPAK-engl-LOGO-newer
Name   Cyprus University of Technology
Description of the Partner Cyprus University of Technology – The Molecular Electronics and Photonics (MEP) research unit ( ) brings together expertise available in material synthesis, advanced characterisation, electrodes/interfaces and device processing. The MEP research unit focuses its efforts on organic electronic material and device structures for OLED and OPV device optimisation. The MEP research unit has expertise in piezoelectric inkjet printing of inorganic and organic solution-based electronic materials for optoelectronic devices.
Partner 9 ss-Gemalto
Name   Gemalto SA
Description of the Partner Gemalto is a world leader in digital security proposing solutions to make digital interactions more convenient and more secure for people and for machines. Gemalto is the result of the wedding of 2 major actors of smart card industry: Gemplus and Axalto (former Schlumberger’s Smart cards and terminals division) who merged in 2006. With more than 10 000 employees in 43 countries worldwide, Gemalto provides secure personal devices including SIM cards, banking cards, electronic identity documents and USB keys. Gemalto offers a wide range of software and services that support and enable mobile financial transactions, mobile marketing, digital life management, international roaming plus the secure issuance of digital identity, rights and credentials, personalization and authentication.  Technology development department in Gemalto aims to timely provide and maintain state of the art manufacturing technologies meeting current and future needs of Digital Security market in term of cost, speed, technical capability and flexibility. Teams are located in France and Finland working mainly on smart cards, electronic passports and electronics assembly.
Partner 10 pvi-logo
Name   Precision Varionic International Ltd
Description of the Partner The company Precision Varionic International Ltd ( is an SME company which designs and manufactures automotive position sensors and throttle pedals for some of the world’s most iconic marques. Since 1990, in partnership with Bosch, they have delivered zero defect sensors to Fiat, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen and Smart. In 2000 they developed a fully integrated pedal and shipped more than one million pieces annually to Ford in the USA. In Europe some of their main customers are McLaren and Aston Martin. Their interest in this project is that they would like to be able to demonstrate the use of printed electronics in a new position sensor for which they have customers already and they have been working on inks and formulated ink products so they are well suited to the project concept.
Partner 11 HU-logo-klein
Name   Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Description of the Partner At the Department of Physics and Chemistry, as well as IRIS Adlershof of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Hybrid Devices group of Prof. Dr. Emil List-Kratochvil is working on electronic and optoelectronic hybrid components (based on hybrid material systems and organic or hybrid semiconductors), additive resource-efficient deposition techniques (inkjet printing) and in-situ nanostructuring and synthesis methods. By developing and combining novel electro-active materials with appropriate structuring and processing methods, applications in the field of sensor technology, photovoltaics and optoelectronics are developed. Based on a wealth of experience, the Hybrid Devices group can participate in national research projects, within the framework of European funding projects, and programs or in direct contract research on the level from basic research to joint product development.