News & Events


The public demonstrator workshop was held as part of the LOPEC trade show on printed electronics in Munich, Germany. Members of the public were in attendance as the demonstrators produced during the project were presented and displayed. There was ample opportunity to discuss with the presenters and project partners.

Please download the public flyer disseminated as part of the workshop for your convenience. A project video was also shown during the workshop.

A newsletter has been generated, which will be provided to customers and is available for download here.


Future Events:

06.08.-10.08.2017 – SPIE Optics + Photonics 2016, San Diego, USA


Past Events:

20.04.2017 – The final project review meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, with all partners in attendance. It was a successful closure of the project.

28.03.2017 – Public demonstrator workshop was held at LOPEC, Munich, Germany. Please find the invitation to the workshop here.

07-08.11.2016 – The M36 project meeting was held at Intrinsiq Materials, Farnborough, UK. The meeting was accompanied by a site visit with all partners in attendance.

15-17.06.2016 – The M32 project meeting was held at Acreo, Norrköping, Sweden. The meeting was accompanied by a technical OLED workshop with all attendees involved in a very hands-on approach. The workshop received great feedback.

12-13.11.2015 – The M24 project meeting was held at CUT in Limassol, Cyprus, with all partners in attendance.

11-12.06.2015 – The period 1 review meeting and project meeting was held at PRA, Hampton, UK , with all partners in attendance.

06.03.2015 – The Month 15 meeting was held in Munich at the beginning of March 2015, this coincided with the LOPEC exhibition and conference on 3 - 5 March – Please follow this link for details:

19.11.2014 – The Month 12 meeting was held at Gemalto in Gardanne, South of France.

This was very well attended and some members of thenconsortium went on to attend the IPSO Conference  - For this event, please follow the link:

03.09.2014 - The Month 9 Project Meeting was held via teleconference, with the people attending the workshop being joined by other members of the consortium via a tele. link, to report on the technical progress to date.

01 – 03.09.2014 – A technical Workshop was held at NanoTecCenter Weiz Forschungsgesellschaft mbH in Austria which consisted of a hands on Training Workshop – Inkjet Printed Materials and Devices – Fundamentals and Hands-on Experience.  This was very well attended and we had very positive feedback.

19 – 20.05.2014 – The Month 6 meeting was held at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol, Cyprus.  Further updates were given by the partners involved and a six monthly progress report was given by the Technical Manager.

19 – 20.02.2014 – The Month 3 project meeting was held at 3D-Micromac AG in Chemonitz, Germany.  All partners attended and updates of all current work packages were presented by the work package leaders.  The work is going well so far and the partners are enjoying the challenge.

31.01.2014 – Plasmas website is built.

17 – 18.12.2013 – Kick off meeting:  The PLASMAS Consortium met for the Kick Off Meeting, held at PRA, Hampton, UK.  The meeting went very well and all members of the consortium were very enthusiastic, looking forward to starting work on this exciting project.