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Project acronym and title PLASMAS- Printed Logic for Applications of Screen Matrix Activation Systems
Project type PROJECT TYPE : Collaborative project
Project objective Although there is a clear market for printed electronics it is widely recognised that there are a number of barriers to the adoption of this technology including the traditionally high costs associated with producing electronic functional inks, performance challenges of such inks, availability of high volume manufacturing equipment for printing and sintering of electronic functional inks, lack of awareness among end users and lack of integration of single components already developed into working systems. The objectives of the PLASMAS project are to overcome these barriers, using IPR owned or granted to some of the project partners, and demonstrate the use of combinations of printed functional inks to produce integrated printed structures that replace conventional copper based circuit boards and printed silicon devices that replace conventional silicon devices. The project will demonstrate this technology in integrated devices, in EC display and OLED applications. Production on a pilot scale ink-jet printing process system demonstrating the integration capability will be shown that can be adopted to meet immediate market opportunities relating to digital advertisement, smart signage, low-cost logic and cheap processing for the electro- & electronics industry.
Project budget €4,799,724
Grant agreement no. 604568
Project contact persons Project Coordinator – Dr. Christine Boeffel, Fraunhofer IAP,